Trams Technology

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IT and Finance/Accounting


General Information Technology

Our extensive experience with Legacy Database conversions (thousands performed) along with general automation related to different systems within different industries has provided us the knowledge to formulate a strategy on data integration with other management information systems.

Key Product/Services:

  • Evaluations, customization, and integration of existing legacy applications and conversion of applicable data
  • Accounting and other software application implementation and training
  • Development of real time-interface utilities
  • Internet-enabling and re-engineering of IT solutions and legacy applications
  • Solutions using “Service Oriented Architecture” (SOA)
  • Implementing integrated air travel booking engines with real-time XML connectivity to suppliers and “Global Distribution Systems” (GDS)
  • Development of macros and scripting for terminal emulation
  • Systems analysis and reorganization

Financial Management and Accounting

Throughout the years, we have managed substantial cash and non-cash assets for a variety of disciplines and industries.

Experience and skills exist to set up and maintain systems that will ensure efficient operations as well as compliance with all of the laws, regulations, and policies to which government and the private sector are subject.

In addition to vast general financial management experience, we have extensive experience with automation related to accounting and other systems and their integration with other management information systems. 

Key Products/Services:

  •  Cost Analysis, both on-going and project specific
  •  Accounting software implementation and training
  •  Financial and accounting systems integration
  •  Bid and proposal analysis
  •  Rate structure analysis
  •  Financial reporting and analysis