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Over the last few decades, we have performed thousands of data conversions for the same number of corporate clients. These conversions have been for various software applications. This involved writing the required software to accomplish the function after coordinating/identifying specific client needs. Performing the actual data conversion, implementing the new application, and training remains a primary staple of our business.

Experience gained in this marketplace resulted in products/services in the general areas of database manipulation/conversion, client relations management, financial and management reporting, budgeting, web import application, data merge services, credit card reconciliation programs, and an array of other learned areas of expertise. 

Our IT know-how has been primarily focused on Travel Technology and working in conjunction with Sabre’s Trams and Clientbase ProductsOur clients make up is a who’s who within the marketplace.


Key Products/Services:

  •  Legacy Database conversions – thousands of these have been performed that have included ADS, ADSx, TSN, Travelbase, World Ledger, Central Command/Agresso, Globalware, Travcom, Globalmax, Wincruise, WL4000, CruiseWeb, Q3, ClientEase, Maximizer, Travelworks, and other “Home Grown” systems.
  •  Clientbase/Trams Back Office Database Merges – hundreds of these have been performed, and brings over all vital Clientbase (Profile and Rescard detail) and/or Trams Back Office (transactional – invoices/payments). This is a must for the utilization of newly acquired agency database, and can be used to create a new database from selected data within any given Trams database.
  •  On-Going Transactional Data Imports - this import routine will utilize any source data desired (i.e. Booking engine transactions,  PBX, CRM, or other source data) into Clientbase/Trams applicable database tables as a scheduled task or batch. No more manual input.
  •  Database Repair – not many repairs are beyond our capabilities. Most are fairly routine (i.e. add or correct Travel Types, Branching, Groupings, Invoice status, "Submit to" designation, Udids, and Profile interface ids). Corrections for Hotel vendors to reflect only one vendor profile, with the proper interfaceid and/or alt id (accounting for multiple GDS systems), and reassignment of bookings to the one has been found to be of significant value for both corporate and leisure agencies.
  • Other Custom Data Services - Do you have the horsepower or talent it takes to address a particular "IT" requirement regarding the Trams database? Why go through a learning process for a "one-shot deal"? We're at the top of our learning curve...In fact; we may have already addressed a similar situation. Why not expend your resources more efficiently?